Are you satisfied with your paintings ?

Do they convey the right mood and atmosphere?

Let’s be honest: Watercolor painting is a difficult medium to master.

When you look for any resource which can help you grasp the essence of this medium, you find yourself testing a new painting technique or a new color.

I have been there to find the holy grail of watercolor and I can tell you that it is a myth. I felt like I missed the big picture, that something was wrong without knowing exactly what…

In the end, what did I find out?

Techniques are important. Of course they are. I would even say that they are crucial to reach a certain degree of pleasure in the painting process.

Thing is, I learned the harsh truth behind all these techniques after hundreds of watercolor paintings :

– You will never improve your paintings just with techniques

– Some techniques do more harm than good

The good news?

Well, let’s say that there are only few techniques that you need to master.

Like Pareto said, 20% of efforts leads to 80% of results.

These are what I call the fundamental techniques.

The bad news?

Techniques is like the tip of the iceberg. Painting is a lot more than that.

Painting is about understanding color mixing, light & shadow and composition.

These skills are what I consider fundamental skills and they are not easy to learn. I learned some of them the hard way (meaning through lots of trials and errors) and I’m still learning a lot everyday.

Only when you start understanding these fundamental techniques and skills will you be able to create paintings that convey what you had in mind in the first place.

To answer to the very first question: What can I bring you on the table?

Well, let’s say that I can speed up your learning curve by teaching you all the stuff I learned the hard way with watercolor.

Imagine preparing and starting a painting with excitement instead of feeling lazy and finding an excuse not to paint.

Watercolor painting is not just a hobby. It’s a self improvement journey.

If you want to join the inner circle of Watercolovers, I would be glad to be part of your artistic journey.

For a start, check my watercolor MASTERCLASS VIDEO just below. You juste have to type your email and you get instant access to the video tutorial where I explain all my painting process.

Hope yo see you soon 🙂


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Watercolor masterclass video for an atmospheric landscape