Hello watercolovers

You don’t find yourself collecting art for investment, but you do find yourself being an art lover.

You think that happiness is strongly related to a nice home where you need to feel at ease.

You are convinced that your living space is a reflection of who you are. That’s why you don’t want to decorate your walls with the same stuff everybody buys.

While you are curious about all kinds of creativity, the art you’re most drawn to evokes emotion and a sense of peacefulness. It can turn the most mundane scene into a beautiful atmospheric painting.

What you can expect from me…

Hi, I’m Remy, and that’s the kind of art I create, lovingly and with spontaneity. I work exclusively with watercolor due to its beautiful transparency, its ability to reveal light and its unpredictability. My favorite subjects are landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and life scenes.

Welcome to my online studio. I invite you to come in, learn more about me and my work, and take the time to embrace serenity and peacefulness.
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